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How long should we leave between laser/IPL hair removal sessions?

Laser/IPL Hair Removal – what are the best intervals between sessions? Laser/IPL hair removal has been around since the 1990s. We first noticed that a Q-switched ruby laser could remove surface hair in the mid 1980s when we were treating tattoos. But we didn’t consider it a ‘treatment’ since the hair always grew back (theContinue reading “How long should we leave between laser/IPL hair removal sessions?”

Our eBook in Chapters

We are writing our eBook on a chapter by chapter basis, which will be released when complete. So far, we have released two chapters: Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs: and Chapter 2 – An Introduction to Laser Tattoo Removal: More chapters will be released including the application of lasers andContinue reading “Our eBook in Chapters”

Chapter 2 – Fundamentals of Laser Tattoo Removal is now available

Our second Chapter – Fundamentals of Laser Tattoo Removal is now available, free online or only Euros 12 for your own PDF copy. Click on ‘Our eBook‘ above for details. We hope you enjoy this chapter. Look out for future chapters on the treatment of hair, blood vessels, benign pigmentation and skin rejuvenation… Mike &Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Fundamentals of Laser Tattoo Removal is now available”


We plan to deliver some MasterClasses over the next couple of years. Please come back to this post as details are announced… Thanks, Mike & PA.

The physical processes behind laser tattoo removal – what is really going on?

Mike presented a video to the British Medical Laser Association conference in May 2021, discussing my work on the physical processes which may be occurring during laser tattoo removal. In it, he discusses the formation of steam bubbles, how they evolve over time, the latent heat energy of vaporisation and condensation, and the cyclic bubbleContinue reading “The physical processes behind laser tattoo removal – what is really going on?”

BMLA Conference 2021 Presentation

Mike is presenting at this year’s BMLA conference discussing some of the physical processes which occur during laser tattoo removal. Talk Title: O04 Understanding the Physical Mechanisms Involved in Laser Irradiation of Tattoos Paper Reference: 004 Session 2A –  Scientific Developments Date: Thursday 6th May Time: 13:30 – 14:45 Once the conference is over, I will post my videoContinue reading “BMLA Conference 2021 Presentation”


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