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Over 60 years’ clinical and technical experience
with medical/aesthetic lasers and IPLs

Hello! We are ‘The Laser-IPL Guys’

We have, between us, more than 60 years’ experience in the medical/aesthetic field with both lasers and IPLs. That experience includes clinical research, product development, training, sales and marketing and presentations at international medical laser conferences and seminars. We have also published a FREE eBook (see below):

Above is the first chapter of our book. We will release further chapters over 2022/3 including:

Chapter 2 – Laser Tattoo Removal – available now…

Chapter 3 – Laser/IPL Hair Removal – available now…

Chapter 4 – Laser/IPL treatment of blood vessels, pigmentation and skin rejuventaion

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The first Chapter will be ‘FREE‘ online, so you can sample our work. In the meantime, you might want to try our wee quiz – “How well do you know lasers and/or IPLs?” (This quiz is not yet complete – we’re still testing the platform…)

Here are some of the things we like to discuss….

Relaxation time is simply the ‘cooling time’ of a hot object. That’s all!! In fact, the definition of TRT relates to the cooling time from the ‘peak’ temperature to the time when the temperature reaches around 50 % of that peak.

But, the ‘real’ TRT of a hair follicle or blood vessel depends a number of factors including the geometrical size of the target, the thermal diffusion rate and the pulse duration of the laser/IPL energy.

With tattoos, it’s even more complicated due to the huge thermal resistance at the ink-tissue water interface.

Read out blog on this topic for more information….

Thermal Relaxation Time

A fundamental cornerstone of the theory of Selective Photothermolysis which is not well-understood…

Laser optics….

This is quite a tricky subject, if you’re new to it. We will discuss some aspects of this and how it applies to laser/IPL skin treatments…

We have spent years working on the theoretical aspects of laser/IPL interactions with tissues…

For a proper unstinting of the light-tissue interactions it is necessary to know what the various processes are. This is a mixture of physics and biology, and can get a little ‘tricky’.

What laser energy ‘looks’ like…

We usually don’t see laser energy because of laser safety glasses!

This photo shows what a single ‘flash’ of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser energy at 532 nm looks like when it has reflected and back-scattered off the skin during a tattoo treatment.

Without the safety glasses it is abundantly clear that the light energy is insanely bright!

This is why you should ALWAYS wear laser, and IPL, safety glasses.

Book Contents 

Our new book will contain a wide range of topics all concerned with laser/IPL interactions and treatments of various skin conditions:

Fundamentals of light

Understanding the basics of your technical equipment is very important to get the best out of them. Here we discuss fundamentals such as light, wavelength, energy, fluence, absorption, scattering, pulse duration and a few other things you should know.

Light-tissue interactions

How does the light energy change, or alter, the target chromophores? What actually occurs? Why do some devices work better than others? Why do some not work at all? Here we talk about the groovy world of light-tissue interactions.

Treatment of tattoos, hair, blood vessels, pigmentation….

What is the best way to tackle these skin conditions? Here we will present our experience and knowledge through the last 30-odd years coupled with our physics input. Sometimes, the ‘obvious’ things are simply wrong!!

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We’re giving away the first chapter free online, so you can have a chance to see what we’re all about! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it so much you will buy subsequent chapters – but there’s no obligation.