Our Book

Our book will look at various laser/IPL treatments and some aspects of light-tissue interactions and hopefully answer all your questions…

The book contains many new images, links to online videos and animations to help explain some of the more complex issues behind light-tissue interactions and treatments.

Whether you have over 20 years’ experience with lasers/IPLs or are just starting out on a new career, we feel condiment that you will learn much form our book.

We have designed our book across three ‘levels’:

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Level A – for beginners and newbies!

Not everyone is interested in the deep technical stuff around lasers and IPLs. So, we have designed the ‘Level A‘ section as an easy-to-read and understand section for everyone to enjoy. Here, we will introduce various concepts that you really should know, if you are performing laser/IPL treatments – some very basic, fundamental stuff!

This Level will contain:

  • Basics of light – wavelength, energy, power
  • What is a laser?
  • What is an IPL?
  • Basics of treatment parameters – fluence, spot size, absorption, scattering
  • The importance of ‘Power Density’
  • The ‘Fitzpatrick’ Scale, perceived skin colour and melanin absorption
  • Which is ‘better’ – lasers or IPLs?
  • Laser safety and safety glasses
  • An introduction to the basics of laser/IPL treatments
  • Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 lasers
  • A ‘laser-safe’ environment
  • Laser clinic risk assessment

Level B – this is aimed at the more experienced operators

This Level is for the more discerning reader who wants to understand things at a deeper level. We have kept the mathematics out of this Level on purpose, but it will still intrigue! It will discuss:

  • Light-tissue interactions
  • Selective Photothermolysis
  • Thermal relaxation time and what’s wrong with it!
  • Protein denaturation and ‘coagulation’
  • Laser treatment of tattoos
  • Are picosecond lasers better than nanoseconds?
  • Laser/IPL treatment of hair
  • Laser/IPL treatment of blood vessels
  • Laser/IPL treatment of benign pigmentation
  • Fractional laser treatments
  • Which wavelengths/energies/pulsewidths are better?
  • More on laser safety – MPE, AEL, NHZ, Optical density

Level C – this is for the geeks who really want to know more…

This Level is the ‘deep stuff’! Here we get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of light-tissue interactions and other groovy stuff…

This Level contains:

  • A deeper analysis of light-tissue interactions
  • Introduction to the Arrhenius equation – protein denaturation
  • Considering temperature-time histories and their direct effects
  • Tattoo removal – what really occurs around the ink particles/aggregates
  • Why treatments often don’t succeed

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