Laser-IPL Penetration Depth – a more useful definition

The ‘standard’ definition of penetration depth in skin only considers the incident wavelength and optical properties of the skin. While this may be useful from a physics perspective, it is not particularly useful when considering clinical treatments.

A more useful definition must include wavelength, anisotropy, spot diameter and incident fluence.

All of these have an effect on the reaction within the target, in the dermis. Our new video shows how these parameters can all affect what happens deep in the skin:

Knowing this should help to improve clinical results when treating tattoos, hair, blood vessels or other targets.

Mike & PA

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I started in medical lasers in 1986! I have been involved in clinical research, medical laser and IPL development, sales and marketing across Europe and South East Asia, business start-ups, theoretical research into laser-tissue interactions, training course development, writing articles for peer-reviewed journals and industry magazines plus I play bass guitar in a rock 'n' roll band too!!

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